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The tour also features Army of the Universe and Ludovico Technique.Earlier this week, AXS spoke with The Birthday Massacre vocalist Chibi, who shared her thoughts on the band's evolution, the fans and what the band has coming up. The band put together the album with the help of a very successful fan campaign at Pledge Music.The Ontario natives kicked off their Under Your Spell Tour last night in Toronto and will be hitting Detroit tonight when they take the stage at The Magic Stick.Do you like the idea of having that more intimate contact with the fans? I really enjoy interacting with the crowd and it's kind of easier to do that when you're in a smaller place.I mean it's cool in the bigger places, but it creates a different vibe with the performances. When you play on a really, really small stage, and considering there is six of us, it can actually be kind of funny.And the labels we have worked with have respected those achievements and the band, and not asked us to sacrifice anything.We've been able to do things creatively on our own terms. ", but ultimately, we have chosen what has felt right at the time and you can't dwell and wonder. We have always taken things very seriously when making decisions that will affect our career; I think maybe sometimes we over think things.

In a 2009 interview, when asked about why they had started the band, Rainbow stated: "I think more than just being a band, it's a way to sort of incorporate, not just music, but other things.AXS: The tour actually kicks off this week and you will be in Detroit on Friday. C: Well, in terms of our lineup, our drummer Rhim isn't coming with us.He has to stay home this time so we have Joe Letz from Combichrist stepping in to play drums for us on this tour.In 2002, they changed the name to The Birthday Massacre after one of their earlier songs in order to avoid confusion with another group. During this time, the band also met Rhim, Owen and Brett Carruthers who all attended the same college.The song "The Birthday Massacre" was then renamed to "Happy Birthday". In addition to this, later in October 2006, Terry Mc Manus, Professor of Music Business and Entertainment Law at Fanshawe College, would join as the band's personal manager.

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