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Mr Justice Openshaw said the mother-of-three must spend at least twenty years behind bars and branded her version of events as 'outrageous lies'.

He said her brutal attack on Mrs Davison was 'savage and sustained' which left her with multiple bruises and fractures.

This can lead you to start thinking and acting as if you are talking to a normal woman.

You might walk past a worker in one of the Red Light District’s glowing red windows and think: “What a liberal place that they can do their work in the open like this!

During conversation, Dutch women will occasionally add a joke to their conversation or, rather, they will say something that requires you to laugh in earnest appreciation of their great wit - it is a bit like trying to be polite while talking to Germans.

On no account must you question the joke or suggest that it makes no sense and is not funny - remember, this is an attractive Dutch woman, it is unlikely that anyone will have, at any point in her life, questioned her logic or the value of what she is saying.

" A man replied: "I think all my dreams have come true." The sordid conversation carried on for about 45 seconds as Lauren and Matt listened in stunned disbelief. "I rang because I wanted to check exactly where hotel was my emails didn't say anything and the hotel's website said it was in Rotterdam, which is two hours away from Amsterdam.

"I put it on loud speaker so Matt could hear and we had no idea what was happening. "I spoke to Thomas Cook and they said that hotel shouldn't have been offered as part of the city break package, but it would cost me extra to change it.

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When they kindly invite me for coffee to discuss their day-to-day, we meet at PROUD, the office of the Dutch Union for Sex Workers in De Wallen, the Red Light District.

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