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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.Announcements and News of interest to the entire Radio Reference/Broadcastify Community.Very helpful advice I've given: The Story of Tony Stark: How I lost a perfect 10 How to Get Out Of the Friend Zone Why New Years Eve is The Best Holiday How to get back with an Ex Whats the biggest thing you learned in 2014?I am no stranger to picking out 7s or 8s and we were both a little drunk, also when I am already in I can look confident just fine.If you just got your first scanner, this forum is for you.Please note: Posts are only moved from this forum by OP's request only.- you may: * increase your reputation (doing something useful for another members of community) and being improved * purchase temporary access to the improved category: 10 $ for 3 months. : - if your reputation will become less then 0, you will be moved into "simple_users" users' group automatically.* *for temporary groups (pre-paid for 3 months) reputation/posts do not matter.- this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter adds eliminated Inbox capacity increased files manager increased permissions.

If you want this more elaborated, do a coach call for 20 min.out of anyones range, and its life changing..After that she took me to meet her sister and her friends, I don't know whether I was too drunk or just too stupefied but I didn't really care where we went, she said something and I was like ok let's go, all the while acting like I was the shit you can imagine, I can manage to turn a few looks but this girl was a fucking magnet.You need to court her longer before sex or she will just see you has a fuck buddy.Me and this guy have known each other for 3 years and recently just decided to start seeing each other.It's been 3 weeks and we decided since I'm meeting his parents this weekend to be a thing after that.

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