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You may even be able to sense that something isn't right with your dating partner before they are even conscious of it.There are a lot of labels put onto anxious people that can feel heavy: pursuer, overfunctioner, people pleaser, codependent and, clingy.The internal investigation continues with, "She takes forever to answer my texts. Because this struggle is so internal and most of the time even independent of circumstances, it's important to deal with our insecurities without distorting or dragging our partner into them. Our brains are even flooded with the same neurochemical in both situations.

In psychology, there are two ends of the attachment spectrum: avoidance and anxiety.Chronic insecurity robs you of your peace and prevents you from being able to engage with your partner in a relaxed and authentic way.The actions that come from insecurity—always asking for reassurance, jealousy, accusing, and snooping—erode trust, aren’t attractive, and can push a partner away.When you start to notice that sinking feeling of insecurity there are a few things you can do: 1. When you feel insecure, you are often focused on something you feel is lacking about you.In most well-matched relationships, each partner brings different qualities and strengths that compliment the other. In order to feel more secure in a relationship it helps to know what you have to offer to the other person.

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