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That one syllable we know is aimed to sting, to degrade, to humiliate, to shame. If you take a look in the dictionary you might find it is defined as: But as we know, you don’t have to be displaying low hygiene standards and having sex with multiple partners to be called a slut.

Actually, you don’t even have to be having sex at all.

That is the question the Daily Beast asks in this well-made video.

Told from the perspective of the Mother, it examines Ted’s dating history and calls a lot of women “skanks.” We understand that the wife of a person won’t love that her husband told his kids about all the girls he slept with, but the video is kind of puritanical.

From ‘flirty’ to ‘loose’, to ‘bitchy’ and ‘desperate’, slut shaming encompasses a whole range of insults. Throughout history women’s actions and sexual freedom has been regulated by men and religious groups who try to control women’s bodies, through restricting access to reproductive and contraceptive choices and through the use of physical and sexual violence.

In the past, the word was used simply to mean any woman who didn't behave: a woman who was "dirty, untidy or slovenly", a slack servant girl, a woman who failed to keep her house in order and her legs closed before marriage, a woman who invited violence and contempt.

After all, there’s no cure for seasonal affective disorder quite like a dive bar. With no sign, and plenty of other nearby bars, this drink-special-happy boozer is easy to miss, though once you do make your way in, you’ll find one whole room devoted to pinball, video lottery, pool tables, etc., while the other two cater to people who want strong drinks and something fried to eat.

It was and is still used as a verbal punishment for behaviours or qualities women and girls are not supposed to embody.Someone on Reddit had figured out that Ted has dated 31 women, having sex with twenty of them, over the fifteen or so years the show covers.Sure, maybe there are women Ted slept with that he didn’t tell his kids about (though, it sure doesn’t seem like he withholds any information from them), but either way, that seems like a reasonable rate for an adult male or female living in an urban area.The protest that followed has infected the imagination of women in cities around the world, from Dallas to Delhi, who are sick of being bullied and intimidated into sexual conformity.We like to think that we live in a liberal, permissive society - that, if anything, the problem is that there is too much sex about. We live in a culture that is deeply confused about its erotic impulses; it bombards us with images of airbrushed models and celebrities writhing in a sterile haze of anhedonia while abstinence is preached at the heart of government.

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