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amming devices, Friends, Cams, whatever you want to call them, they are amongst the most prized possessions of all trad climbers.

If you're lucky enough to own a spangly set of top-of-the-range cams, then you can bet your bottom dollar that your mates are always keen to climb on your rack.

Father & son team, Steve & John Morris, embark on a journey to climb and photograph 50 of the best rock climbs in Victoria, grade 17 & under.

) .00 Buy Mad Rock: Mad Rock "Bottle Nose" Quick Draw.

5.00 Buy Mad Rock: Mad Rock "Bottle Nose" Quick Draw.

We took the 16 best spring-loaded camming devices (usually just called climbing cams) and put them in head-to-head competition in hundreds of placements.

We scored them on how well they did in parallel cracks, flared cracks, tight placements, horizontal placements, free climbing and aid climbing.

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